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Do you spend hours trying to get your baby or toddler to bed every night? Do you feel anxious as night approaches thinking about how many times you and your child will be up through the night? Are your days incredibly long and difficult due to your lack of sleep? Have you read all the books and all the sleep blogs and yet nothing is working, or even making any sense? And finally, are you feeling committed to solving your family’s sleep issues once and for all?

You are not alone. Many parents are feeling exactly the same way when it comes to their family’s sleep. As parents, we teach an endless list of lessons to our children. Everything from how to hold their own bottle to how to use their manners and we also need to teach them healthy sleep habits. After all, healthy sleep habits contribute to a healthy childhood. But with all the conflicting information out there and the never-ending to-do list most parents have, the idea of taking on one more task can seem like too much. I am here to help you with this. I am dedicated to helping families find the comfort and freedom my family has achieved by learning the importance of independent sleep habits. With my help your child will learn to:

  • Fall asleep independently in their own bed and break sleep associations with soothers, bottles, rocking etc.

  • Develop a consistent and predictable sleep schedule that is age appropriate 

  • Wake up in the morning according to their natural circadian rhythms

  • Sleep 10-12 hours of solid sleep each night when your child is developmentally ready

  • Have long restorative naps throughout the day instead of catnapping

  • Drop nightfeeds if developmentally and age appropriate

  • Accept that bedtime is nothing to fear or to fight about

  • Get out of Mom and Dad’s bed and to sleep in their own bed all night

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Concerned about crying?

This is the main concern many parents have when it comes to the idea of sleep training. Please know that this is not a cry it out approach. I will never encourage you to leave your crying child alone to fend for themselves. You will be there to respond and to support your child through the entire process. However, teaching your child to sleep well may result in some protest on your child’s part. I do everything to minimize the crying and to set your child up for success, but know that crying is your child’s way of protesting change. After all that is how our babies and young children often communicate, through crying. Your child will learn lifetime sleep skills, and the anticipation of a couple nights of crying should not deter you from achieving such an important goal.

Please find comfort in knowing that the crying is usually short lived. The protesting starts to disappear once the independent sleep skills begin to develop and the child is feeling confident in their sleep ability. Many parents report that night one goes much better than expected!

Just finished our 2 week sleep training. We went from constant 11:30pm & 5:30 am wakings for bottles to sleeping right through the night. Christine put a plan together that was specifically for our problem & tweaked it along the way. Not only does my 10 month old sleep through the night but she now has an amazing schedule during the day. She’s a very happy baby & so am I. I would highly recommend Christine. She is super kind & very insightful to any problem your child may have. It was definitely tough for the first few days but it’s amazing how quickly your baby will adjust. Thank you again!!

Christine Maxwell

When my 3 month old baby boy was refusing to nap for 5 hour stretches you can only imagine how grumpy he was. Christine was the first person I looked to and within two weeks she helped me get him on a regular napping and overnight sleep schedule! The difference in his mood the first week was absolutely incredible and by 4 months Kasper only had one wake up overnight. Shortly after that he was sleeping through the entire night! I can’t say enough what a blessing it is to have a well rested baby and as a bonus be a well rested momma!

Christines methods to sleep training work wonders and I’m so thankful we put our trust in her!

Katelyn Cleverly

Christine is an absolute miracle worker. She knows how much I love my sleep and was able to get my kids to sleep through the night. With them only being 13 months apart I needed sleep to keep my sanity. She is a great person to turn to always asking the right questions to give the right advice! Any age, any stage she has an answer for it all! Very highly recommend. LOVE HER!!

Aline Charpentier

So thankful for Christine and her advice. In one short week I went from constant wake ups from my 4 year old to both of us sleeping through the night. Her approach was easy and made me feel like my child and I were working together to get a great night sleep! Thank you so much, you don’t know how much it means to get my sleep back!

Courtney Evanoff

As grand parents, we of course love our grand children imensly. My husband and I recently had an opportunity to host one of our 2 and half year old granddaughters for 4 nights and 5 days at our cabin in Montana. This was the first big trip for her away from Mom and Dad and our first time to be with her for so long. We were some what concerned as to how she would handle being away and for so long. Thanks to how Christine has sleep trained both of her girls, our trip away was beautiful. Not only did us a grandparent’s get a closer bond with this little girl but she was a treat to have. She went to bed both at night and her daytime naps without so much as a cry. At her nap time she would come in from the outside playground and the other local kids without any fuss. Right to bed and right to sleep. At night she again without a peep would go to bed at 7:30 pm and stay asleep until 7am. Without fail. This was such a pleasure to have her and to have her so well trained for her sleeps. Nice work Christine.

Betty McCutcheon

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